Digital Marketing/ Growth Manager

  • Zenvia Mobile
  • Full-time employee
  • Opportunity also for persons with disabilities
Digital Marketing/ Growth Manager

Job description

At Zenvia we are constantly looking for sustainable short, medium and long term results. We act proactively, anticipating the delivery of solutions that meet (and exceed) according to customer expectations. Here, we prioritize our clients' perspective, treating them with empathy and making decisions focused on their enchantment. We always seek to learn and learn what we know from colleagues. We enjoy giving and receiving feedback, we understand that this is the best way to grow personally and professionally. And it is super important to understand and respect individual differences and without judgment, this being another form of teaching here.

As a Digital Marketing Manager here at Zenvia, your mission (with a team of beasts with you, of course!) Will be attributed to our online positioning and performance, making Zenvia increasingly recognized in Latin America as an obvious choice for companies looking for evolve communication with its consumers through solutions, tools and digital communication channels.

For this, bringing all your experience with the most diverse disciplines of Digital Marketing is essential, as well as demonstrating how much you are able to generate, accelerate and monitor the results of your actions.

Willingness to test, to do things differently and to make a difference there are also fundamental requirements for those who arrive.

Main responsibilities

Requirements and skills

Additional information

What makes us a Great Place to Work?




We believe in the balance of a life without chains, a healthy life without putting aside the fun and freedom of being who we are. If you are looking for a company that really cares about your ideas, recognizing your achievements and contributions, and providing a free and inclusive environment for you to lead your own development, this company is for you.


Despite the unstable moment of Covid-19, Zenvia is proud of being a great facilitator of digital communication and helping more than 8 thousand companies to communicate effectively with their clients. That is the reason we keep growing in full steam, powering this digital change. Come and make part of a company that is proud of being a Great Place to Work!

Jeito Zenvia de Ser

Nós acreditamos no equilíbrio de uma vida sem amarras, que seja saudável sem nunca deixar de lado a diversão e a liberdade de sermos nós mesmos. Se você está buscando por uma empresa que se importe com suas ideias, que reconheça suas conquistas e contribuições e ainda te proporcione um ambiente livre e inclusivo para que você lidere o seu próprio desenvolvimento, esta é a sua empresa.


Apesar dos tempos instáveis de Covid-19, a Zenvia tem orgulho em ser um grande facilitador da comunicação digital e poder ajudar mais de 8 mil empresas a se comunicar de forma eficaz com seus clientes. Por isso, continuamos crescendo a todo vapor e potencializando esta mudança digital Venha fazer parte dessa empresa que se orgulha em ser um Great Place do Work!

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